Concept 1: Your World of Money

Concept 2: Cash Origami

Concept 3: Faces of Investing

Fidelity Credit Card Suite


Fidelity was planning to expand its consumer credit card offering into a larger product suite: a family of cards that would appeal to a broader spectrum of customers—from young investors to high-net-worth individuals. The UXD group was challenged with coming up with some concepts to help support this effort. We knew from research that people are looking for particular features from their credit cards such as a low APR, cash back on purchases, and rewards programs. Yet they also express themselves through their credit card choices. And while younger investors were not a specifically targetted segment for this effort, it would be a bonus if the designs resonated with these groups. Of course, the cards also need to be functional, comply with Fidelity brand requirements, and feel like they are part of a larger system of cards.

I’ve included some inspirational materials, sketches, and the final concepts to round out the presentation.

Concept: Your World of Money

Not a big idea here so much as a pleasing background pattern with a vaguely financial/monetary feel. Color could be used to differentiate card types (with black for the more high-end prestige card).

Concept: Cash Origami

The insight here was around credit as a tool to move you a little closer to your dreams—whatever they might be: a college education, a new car, or merely a new outfit. I was intrigued by some of the currency origami I discovered while doing my research and thought it might make intriguing and witty primary visual metaphor for the card.

Concept: Faces of Investing

I love the idea of warming up the card with some photography and how often do you see depictions of real humans on credit cards? Heck, why not allow you to upload a headshot during the card enrollment process? Not just a tiny headshot, but a portrait that is integrated into the card design? Might help with fraud detection and security. Probably not viable to execute, but I left it in the mix.

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