Fidelity Learning Challenge


The Fidelity Learning Center is the educational wing of Its job is to inform, educate, and boost confidence around financial topics for Fidelity customers. Content is presented in the form of articles, videos, webinars, and infographics. There are also "courses" that provide a more structured experience around broader topics. About 200,000 people a month visit the Learning Center but many don't stick around or ever return. 


Our team was tasked with helping to address this issue and move the needle in terms of increasing engagement, return visits, creating more of a guided experience, and making some of the more complicated topics more approachable and easier to consume.


We researched and brainstormed various interaction models to solve for some of these challenges. In our research, we looked at Khan Academy, Udemy, and Duolingo. We did brainstorming and more sketching and landed on some potential approaches that seemed to carry water. We posted concepts on the wall for dogfooding (internal testing) and settled on three approaches that we felt were viable enough for more a formal user research study: classroom, boot camp, and magazine.


So where did we land? The results from our user study told us that customers liked the encouragement and challenge of the boot camp learning model combined with the friendlier editorial approach of the magazine model. So we combined them for our MVP1 solution depicted here.

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