Fidelity Webinar Events


Fidelity continues to win awards as a top brokerage for customer service. Despite its stellar reputation, Fidelity’s website was a bit of a mess. Navigation was inconsistent and hard to use, content was poorly architected, and nothing was responsive. The products, services, and content are all there—it was just really hard to find what you needed. Since 2012, Fidelity has been regularly rolling out new and updated designs—starting with the most heavily trafficked areas of the site—and the user experience has greatly benefited as a result.


This year, Fidelity began tackling the investor education portion of their site called the Fidelity Learning Center—which includes articles, events, videos, courses, infographics, and webinars. I was a contract visual designer tasked with leading the visual design of the first landing pages to be addressed: the events landing page. The brief was to re-architect the content to reduce density overload, elevate the overall experience, drive engagement, and encourage repeat visits. Part of my challenge was to innovate while respecting existing page layout, branding, and Tridion CMS component standards already in place.


One of the first areas of the Learning Center we targeted was the Webinar Events section. This is a popular destination for customers (due primarily to effective email outreach) however once the webinar is completed, they tend not to stick around. Our low-hanging-fruit strategy was, if we could architect a better experience around webinars, we could be to also address some of the larger issues with the Learning Center in subsequent design sprints.

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