Lindsey Adelman Studio


Lindsey Adelman designs and produces lighting out of her studio in Manhattan. Inspired by structural forms found in nature, her signature branching chandeliers incorporate raw materials such as hand-blown glass, porcelain, brass, bronze, leather, and wood. Founded in 2006, the studio has grown into a team of 20 who work collaboratively in each aspect of the business. Lindsey has since become one of America’s most influential tastemakers, and a piece of her work is instantly recognizable for its pop sensibility, shape-shifting forms and ingenious use of materials.


Working in tandem with Alex Smoller (a crack developer and a frequent collaborator) I was asked to provide UX and visual design explorations to help drive a re-reimagining of Lindsey's studio website. Although she decided not to move forward with my ideas, I've long been an admirer so it was exciting to meet her and spend time with her team. Maybe one day I'll acquire one of her signature chandeliers!

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