For over 45 years, Safeway has been an industry-leading grocery retailer on the West Coast. But lately, the industry has been shifting. Safeway is now losing market share to upscale natural foods chains (such as Whole Foods) and price-cutting club stores (such as Costco). So Safeway began rebranding itself in 2005 and embraced a warmer, more consumer-friendly "lifestyle" format for its stores.


The biggest challenge was to migrate the new “lifestyle" format to and try to elevate the overall experience, while streamlining and enhancing online shopping, check out & delivery.


Re-architect to address “lifestyle” consumer needs, support local retail stores, and integrate cool new Web 2.0 enhancements such as a powerful shopping list widget, recipe content, meal planners, and nutritional info that meets the needs of more health-conscious consumers.

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