Pleased to meet you

I've worn a lot of design hats over the years. I started as a print designer, then an art director, then a web designer, then a visual designer, now a visual product designer. I've had the great fortune to work for some amazing agencies (Eleven Inc., Tribal DDB, Publicis Groupe) and my dream companies (Apple, Adobe), alongside some of the most talented people in both San Francisco and New York. I’m not a creative visionary (they are asshats for the most part), but I do work very hard for my clients.

I recently worked with Fidelity Investments to help migrate their personal investing/brokerage product portfolio into this century. Fidelity has been a late-comer to digital and it's been a challenge. Big ships turn slowly but turn they must.

Previously, I was a senior visual designer for SAP in New York City helping their user experience team migrate a portfolio of supply chain management products to a more customer-friendly, responsive, design framework. Prior to that, I consulted with Adobe to help roll out the first issue of WIRED Magazine on the iPad and Apple to help support their online store. 

In my spare time, I like to run, practice beard gardening, tinker with motorbikes, tour on my bicycle, and spend time with my 11-year-old daughter, Lulu.