Creating a more useful and pleasing dashboard experience for Fidelity customers.



Fidelity’s Portfolio Summary is the landing page for all customers after login. It’s essentially a dashboard where customers can check account balances, stock positions, follow up on pending orders, and catch up on market news. Fidelity was a latecomer to digital, but by 2014, the firm launched a new Portfolio Summary area that was truly innovative: clean, easy-to-navigate, personalized, and 100% mobile friendly. Fidelity has chosen to pursue a card masonry model to display content and customers seem to really like it.


The director of our group decided to issue a challenge to our team. Our customers are happy with Portfolio Summary but what if we moved the needle a bit in terms of look and feel? What if the content was not displayed in cards? What if it was something else? What if it was a constantly updating feed with dynamic content driven by your holdings, your watch list, and other activity? What might that look like? What if dreamed about what kind of content would be appropriate to push to our customers? And boil the ocean while you are at it (he never said that, actually).


So we did some thinking and sketching and discussing. And then we made some pictures. This is what I came to the table with. I re-imagined the card experience with a double-wide format, a richer visual motif (using color, icons, and photography), and leveraged our new bespoke corporate typeface.