CLIENT: Pfizer Animal Health

DATE: June 2013

MY ROLE: Creative Director


Pfizer Animal Health is a world leader in the discovery, development, and manufacture of animal vaccines, medicines, diagnostic products, and genetic tests. I was subcontracted by ZVD Media to help Pfizer Animal Health (now known as Zoetis) break into the digital space.


Pfizer Animal Health has relationships with many veterinary specialists which it relies on to dispense and administer it’s many vaccines, feed additives, and other products to livestock farmers and companion pet owners. Many pet owners rely on these vets to help them take care of their animals and keep them healthy. We wondered: is there a way to compliment this relationship with a digital tool that helps pet owners track and manage their pet’s activity and wellness while providing a communication and data-sharing channel between pet owner and vet?


In order to address Pfizer/Zoetis business goals, the team recommended a bold approach that took advantage of the current trend for tracking fitness and wellness. We recommended a mobile app for consumers to track their pet’s health & wellness on the go–which would be the first such device for the companion pet market. Tapping into Pfizer’s extensive network of vets gave us a huge competitive advantage–very few health trackers offer the ability to connect with a health professional or receive customized advice on the go. By working closely with the client teams we were able to create a true one-of-a-kind product.

My Role

I served as the creative director heading up the brand identity development for the new entity as well as the visual design of the supporting website, mobile app, advertising, and social media customizations.


The PetDialog mobile app was launched in 2014 in the European market along with a companion website. The marketing team went through a variety of product names during the design phase—Argos, WellPlay, MBark, WagCast, RedRover—among others (which is why my comps have inconsistent branding). At launch, the client finally settled on “PetDialog.” I have included concepts from the mood boards, launch site, brand identity explorations, mobile app, and online advertising campaign. A U.S. release is currently in the works.


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